Create nurturing sensory environments that’ll give every baby and their family the best possible start and inspire you to become more sensory informed. 

Our online and in-person courses and 1:1 mentoring session help you better understand, observe, and inform a baby’s sensory needs with a practical framework to share your learning and guide your practice.

With this knowledge, you can better support parents with their baby’s co-occupations and create greater awareness as their infant grows and develops relationships with others and the world. 

“Being a Neonatal Nurse, this course made a huge impact on the way I care for the babies.”

The sensory journey starts from conception, and that’s why we train and support those working in perinatal, neonatal, well being and early intervention settings. We want to make sure that sensory experiences are understood and valued to promote the development and well being of babies, families and practitioners.  

Sensory Beginnings Master Course

Delivered in-person and online, you’ll learn everything you need to know to analyse behaviours through a sensory lens. You’ll be able to connect sensory systems, neurobiology and infant development and use this knowledge to support parents with their baby’s sleeping, eating, postural control, play and regulation. 

This course is for you if you want to:

Neonatal NURSE Course

This course gives neonatal nurses a solid understanding of sensory processing, designed to complement Family Integrated Care, Trauma-Informed Care and Development Care models. 

This course is for you if you want:

“Understanding sensory development is the foundation for a good quality assessment of a high risk infant, and Sensory Beginnings offer the best courses in this area. Extremely informative and tremendously practical.”
Dr Angela Huertas
Consultant in Neonatology and Neurodevelopment


We have 30+ years of clinical experience; we know what we’re talking about.

As well as theoretical knowledge, we also share practical examples from cases we’ve worked on ourselves and our experiences in different clinical settings.

Our course uniquely provides sensory integration training across neonatal, perinatal and early intervention settings.

Supporting a baby’s sensory needs goes beyond pregnancy and birth. Understanding sensory development provides an opportunity to explore the needs of the parent and child together, promoting parent-infant relationships.

We do everything with love and share our learning generously.

We take the time to provide a personal service whether someone is booking an online course or we’re training or mentoring them in person. We make sure everyone we help is well nurtured and feels supported, providing ongoing mentoring sessions beyond the training course and committing to continue sharing our knowledge through our social media and newsletter.

We help you to love all things sensory.

By helping you learn more about how sensory processing can help you and those you care for, the rewards you feel will be more significant, enabling a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in your role.

Learn. Connect. Share. Love

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