We have organised resources for you in our nurturing sensory environment domains, to support your knowledge of the role of sensory processing.

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  1. Neurobiology and Sensory systems

  2. Nurturing Sensory Environments: The womb space (conception to birth)

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The power of touch – Arabic and Portuguese versions also available

Pain management – Portuguese version also available

Sleep in the neonatal unit – Portuguese version also available

  3. Nurturing Sensory Environments: The mother/infant space (0-12 months)

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Understanding baby behaviour – Portuguese version also available

Behavioural states – Portuguese version also available

  4. Nurturing Sensory Environments: The father/infant space (12-24 months)

  5. Nurturing Sensory Environments: The therapeutic space


 Sensory Development in the Womb

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womb space diagram
Sensory Babies Separator

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