Wrapped bath.

Wrapped or “swaddle” baths are perfect for premature or young babies in the NICU or neonatal care. They help prepare them for bath time at home.  

Wrapping your baby helps keep them warm in the bath while also supporting them in a tuck position. This helps babies feel comfortable as if they are in their mother’s womb.  

Gently wrapping your baby and lowering them into deep warm water is a lovely, nurturing sensory experience.  

Watch our video on how to give a Wrapped Bath here


Remember to discuss this with your care team and ask for their help.  

Please check the water temperature of the bath – use the tip of your elbow to make sure the water is not too hot or cold for your baby.  


A baby bath filled with warm water.  

A large muslin cloth.


  1. Gentle wrap your baby in a muslin cloth up to their shoulders so their arms and legs are wrapped and tucked into their body but their head is not.  
  1. Slowly lower your baby into deep warm water up to their shoulders. 
  1. Whilst holding your baby securely, gently unwrap the cloth on each limb one at a time. Wash, rinse and wrap the limb up again before moving onto the next.  
  1. Bath time with premature and newborn babies should only be 5 minutes long.  

Enjoy this wonderful sensory experience with your baby.  

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